Insurance Legal Support helped me in every step of my legal fight from start to finish. Their follow-up is very strong and they gave me guidance from time to time. I recommend Insurance Legal support to every user who is struggling with his money. I was on the verge of commission of suicide but with the able guidance of Insurance Legal support, I saved myself and my money also. I Pray for the huge success of Insurance Legal support.
PD Joshi
Chandigarh, India
“I am very happy to share my experience with such an organization like Insurance Legal Support. My claim was rejected by Insurance company, but after I presented my case to this organization. I was assured of the prompt action and the proceedings started within 48 hours. Guess !! What?? Within 1 month after resolving the claim, the amount of the claim was received in my bank account from the insurance company. For this, I and my friend are thankful to the whole team of Insurance Legal Support.”
Jerimiah D.
Sukhwinder Singh
Patiala, Punjab
In my case, I was not reimbursed my hospital bills even after following up with my insurance company for 1 year. Initially, my claim was rejected saying that I haven't provided all the required documents. Later When I provided all the missing documents, and also the doctor has provided the required responses against the queries raised. But the company kept saying that my claim process is under process for almost one whole year. So, I reached Insurance legal Support team for legal assistance. They verified all the documents and accepted my case. Due to them, I was able to get my refund within a span of 2 months. I must say that I am very pleased with their work and will recommend this to all the needy ones.
Jerimiah D.
S Bala Ji
Sirsa, Haryana
I am extremely thankful to the Insurance Legal Support team for all their efforts and support given to me during reprocessing of my mother's insurance policy in just 2 months. To be very honest I have lost all hope due to the continuous rejection by the insurance company for the last 9 months. But with the help of experts from Insurance Legal Support, I finally received my claim amount. I again want to thank the whole team of insurance legal support.
Jerimiah D.
Ashish Kapoor
Jind, Haryana
My insurance claim was stuck for more than 1 year and genuinely I completely gave up on it. I came to know about this company from my relative who lives in Mohali (Chandigarh). He told me about how this very company helped them in claiming their money from an insurance company fraud. They took my case and they instantly started work on it. The entire process was very smooth and clean and the best part is within 3 weeks my issue got resolved and I got my money back.
Jerimiah D.
Jaspal Singh
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
I had a wonderful experience with Insurance Legal Support. I approached them for a mis-selling case. I really want to thank "Insurance Legal Support " for helping me with the technicalities of the replies and getting into details of my case to draft a reply to get the desired result. I was hopeless that I won't be able to get my hard-earned money back but kudos to them I got my money back.
Jerimiah D.
Bharat Bhusan Dawar
Kaithal, Haryana
My dad was tricked by a 3rd party agent who sold him 13 policies promising him false returns/benefits. We took our case to insurance Legal Support and as our case was genuine, they accepted our case. We got a refund of 5 out of 13 policies in just 2 months. Hope I will get a resolution for all the remaining policies too. Also, they will charge their fees after you get the refund which is a great thing.
Jerimiah D.
Sonu Walia
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
My experience with Insurance legal support was fantastic. I had approached them regarding a matter mis-selling by a fraud agent/ Broker. I sincerely appreciate "Insurance Legal Support " for their marvelous assistance with all the legal aspects of my case and for assisting me to get the refund. Once more, I want to Thank the Insurance Legal Support team for their support and guidance.
Jerimiah D.
Anil Kumar Sharma
New Delhi, India
I would highly recommend Insurance Legal Support for any insurance-related queries or issues. They helped me and solved a year-old policy mis-selling case within 3.5 months. The best part is that you have to pay the fees once the issue is resolved. A true client-centric business success lies in its client's success. It’s always a win-win situation for the client if they choose Insurance Legal Support.
Jerimiah D.
Sanjay Singh
Chandigarh, India
I am writing this review as a satisfied customer of "Insurance Legal Support ". I Transferred my case to Insurance Legal Support after fighting for about 6 months on my own with the insurance company for my health claim of 2.5 lakhs. I was very frustrated with my insurance company as they rejected my claim multiple times. But due to my hectic schedule, I knew that I will not be able to continue this whole fight at my own. That's why I contacted Insurance Legal Support on 19th March 2022, I explained to them each and every aspect of my story, and the representative from Insurance Legal Support very patiently listened and listened to my agony. After listening to my story, he assured me of their services. Finally, on 4th May 2022 I received a mail from the insurance company that my claim has been approved and the amount was credited on the same day. This was the magic of "Insurance Legal Support”. After my money was credited, I happily paid their charges as we have to pay only after our issue gets resolved. Once Again with all my heart and soul, I want to thank the whole team of Insurance Legal Support for their much-needed support and guidance.
Jerimiah D.
Himani Arora
Rajpura, Punjab
I am too happy with my experience with Insurance Legal Support. They helped me in getting my insurance claim issue resolved. Kudos to the team for being so supportive and giving personal attention to the matter. I received the full amount of my insurance claim which was initially got rejected by the insurance company. Without the support of " Insurance Legal Support ", I would have never received my claim amount. A big thank you to the whole team for the commendable work which they are doing for the benefit of the common man. I hope each and every individual will get their hard-earned money back.
Jerimiah D.
Amitoaj Singh
Amritsar, Punjab
Thank you for your excellent support and service. Since the Insurance company rejected my claim, I was totally unsatisfied and lost all hopes of getting any refund but thanks to "Insurance Legal Support “my claim is now 100% settled. They have a team of experts with having handful experience of in handling such kinds of cases and bringing justice to their clients in a very short span of time. This is one of the very best for me indeed it's the best platform for settling all your legal claims.
Jerimiah D.
Mallika Sachdeva
Panchkula, Haryana