Delay in Claim Processing

Delay in Claim Process

Delay in the Claim process becomes cancer in the Insurance industry and Insurance companies harass the claimant on one pretext or the other and openly violate the IRDA guideline of issuance of a claim well within the TAT period (Turn Around Time) and violate the right of the victim to get insurance claim as per his/her respectable insurance policy.

This is an unwelcome move where despite having an insurance policy, you had to bear all costs and now the reimbursement stands delayed. Especially in this digital age, where document sharing and verification between the insurance company and hospitals become work of a single mouse click yet delays in insurance claim approval are quite common & painful.

We all may have heard some common cases where a claim for health insurance might have been delayed. There are many reasons why a claim could be delayed. We here will observe a few of them and will try to understand the process of filing a claim.

Health insurance plays a critical role in all our lives. Diseases are increasing at a faster pace than ever, and much of this could be blamed on unhealthy living conditions and lifestyles. If we look at COVID-19 alone, the global parameters have changed completely. People now understand the importance of having health insurance in times of crisis. Once you get the policy, it is the responsibility of the insurer to cover the financial needs of you and your family. To ensure an easy claim settlement process, you must check the document. We will surely help you in getting rid of this whole situation.

Reasons Health Insurance Claims being Delayed:

  • Not filing a claim on time.
  • Losing Insurance papers
  • Not following the right process.
  • No response to insurance company’s queries.
  • Not following the right process.
  • Submission of a claim under the wrong policy number etc.
  • Presentation of Health Insurance with the poor factual aspects.
  • Non-representation of documents properly & legally.
  • Surveyor presents the wrong & false report.
  • Many other reasons are there which depend upon case to case.
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