Claim Rejection

Claim Rejection

Claim rejection is the refusal to honor a claim because the insurer has found the application inaccurate or incomplete. This may have happened to you due to some technical glitches/jargon and wrong representation. In such a case, let us help you in getting your claim money back. There are several provisions of the IRDA Act, Rule & Regulations which make provision that the Insurance Company is duty bound to honor the claim and cannot repudiate it in this manner. We fought multiple cases on these issues and got the desired result for our client who had no hope of justice.

Major Reason for Claim Rejection:

  • If your reason to claim comes under the exclusions of the policy.
  • On the ground of wrong medical tests.
  • Concealment of pre-exist disease.
  • Incorrect details filled in the proposal form.
  • Information that was mandatory but not filled.
  • Incorrect nominee details.
  • Inordinate delay in filing for claims.
  • Non-disclosure of relevant information.
  • Not paying premiums on time.
  • Concealment of health issues.
  • Concealment of smoking.

If you are facing a similar issue, then we shall do the needful research on your issue and will again file the claim on the basis of the Judgement passed in the issue settled by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and various High court judgments of the states, etc and after finding out the illegality in the claim rejection, will strive to get your claim passed.

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